Minimize Risk. Build Passive Income.

Investment Strategy

AVGI Special Situations is focused on taking advantage of anomalies in the marketplace for traditional investments. This can be achieved by purchasing distressed assets, or providing creatively-structured co-GP investments on an attractive risk-adjusted basis. AVGI creates value and achieves these superior risk-adjusted returns by providing liquidity and capital solutions for the most challenging situations.

benefits of this strategy

Ability to understand and provide a highly complex capital solution that would be “outside the box” of institutional investment managers.

Ability to quickly access smaller, profitable transactions that would typically be “below the radar” of large financial institutions.

Opportunistic, high yielding returns.

Operational inefficiencies typically overlooked in underperforming assets leading to fantastic upside.

The ability to provide liquidity faster than traditional real estate funds, along with the ability to recoup original capital within the first liquidity event.